Abuse and abused and abusers.   Many of us hate the words, but God is able to heal the scars of childhood.

(This is a site to be dedicated to conservative holiness  people that have suffered abuse and want help with healing, forgiveness, restoration and to be Blessed by The Master in a way to make us the person we have always wanted to be.     

 There are several reasons we are here.  (1)  To let you know you are not alone. (2) To help you find resources for your journey. (3)  To provide on-line counselling if there is not help in your local area. (4) To provide an outlet for testimonies and  articles and even art work that contributes to the mission of the web site.  (5) To provide resources and even speakers for churches and conferences who want to know how to recognize the abused, how to help the abused, how to prevent abuse, and  how to get us all in a state of spiritual victory